The Mosser Hotel Review


This is my personal review of The Mosser Hotel. The Mosser Hotel was my hotel of choice during my solo trip to San Francisco, CA. Full details and breakdown of my San Francisco trip can be found in this LINK.

My stay at The Mosser Hotel was a very positive one and I highly recommend it.

The building itself feels like it has been around for a while with historic Victorian architectural features but the interiors have been modernized making it sleek and stylish.

I had a very positive stay at The Mosser Hotel and I highly recommend it, especially for solo travelers or couples looking to save

I opted for the Mosser Twin with a shared bathroom. It was a great price point in comparison to all other hotels in the area and perfect for a solo traveler. There are other rooms types available including ones with bathrooms. The shared bathroom was the only caveat, but I’ll talk about it more below. The awesome location and the low cost was enough to convince me to stay at The Mosser.

The Room

Image is taken from The Mosser Hotel website

The room was very clean and modern. It had a flat screen TV and a small sink and vanity mirror alongside a basket with the usual free hotel toiletries. The bed was nice, clean soft sheets. Towels were provided as well as a bathrobe.

The Mosser Twin is small, probably the smallest hotel room I’ve been in, and the view out of my window was the truck delivery entrance of a neighboring retail store (I’ll get back to this later). Also, there is no air conditioner but a ceiling fan in its place.

However, I know that I will hardly spend time in this room during my trip so this was not an issue. I just needed a comfortable bed and a decent place to shower. Regardless, the room was very comfortable and way more than adequate.

Going back to my window view… the two main complaints that The Mosser received based on website reviews is that street noise is prominent. In addition, since there is no AC, you will need to open your window for ventilation and cooling that allowed for the noise to come in. The hotel is aware of this and has provided my room with free ear plugs. For me, however, the noise level from my room wasn’t bothersome at all and I didn’t even think about using the ear plugs. It was December so not having an AC was not an issue as well. Typically, weather in San Francisco stays on the cool side year long.

Shared Bathroom

To be honest, I was hesitant about the shared bathroom idea, but the awesome location and the low cost was enough to convince me to go with it. Each floor, from what I could tell, had two single occupant toilets and two separate single occupant showers. From the looks of it, they clean the toilets and showers often since every time I used either one, they were freshly cleaned.

I do remember one of the showers not having strong water pressure but that’s a minor complaint.


The Mosser Hotel is located in the heart of Downtown San Francisco. It is a few blocks away from shopping areas, bars, and restaurants. Union Square is three blocks away as well as the Powell St & Market St cable car turntable station which you can take to get to Lombard Street and Fisherman’s Wharf. There is a light rail stop and a BART train station around the block on Market St that you can take to get to many locations including Ferry Building Marketplace, The Mission District, Oakland, and even the San Francisco International Airport.

If you decide to drive, parking around this area could be a pain/expensive. Not all parking garages are created equal. Some garages have bad reviews and reports of break-ins. I looked up several garages within walking distance of the hotel prior to arrival and decided on the Sutter-Stockton Garage to be the most economical and best reviewed.


As I mentioned,  I had a very positive stay at The Mosser Hotel and I highly recommend it, especially for solo travelers or couples looking to save. It is well maintained and the location is absolutely amazing! If you don’t mind having a small room and tuning out the street noise, The Mosser Hotel is worth considering.




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