profile picWassssup! My name is Geff (pronounced “Jeff” 😜). Thanks for visiting my blog!

I live in New York City 🗽 where I work as a registered nurse 😷 and medical informaticist 💻. Obviously, I love to explore and travel! Whether in my own city or abroad, I try to do it as much as I can!

I’m also into photography 📸, gaming 🎮, and eating at unique and awesome food spots 😋.

When more and more friends and co-workers started asking me for travel advice, I realized that the travel knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated over the years can be useful to many people out there. I have archives of past itineraries and travel research sitting idle on my hard drive. I decided to create this site/blog to document and share the valuable information and lessons from my adventures.

There is a ton of travel websites, but I realized from my experience that there is far too much information out there. Our vacation time is limited! I am only interested in the “must-go” and the “must-eat” places. I want to focus on the finer details and recommendations that can make the best of your time, enhance your experience, and maximize your adventures!

My enthusiasm for photography and technology has allowed me to extensively document my travels with a creative flair. In addition to itineraries and reviews, I hope to provide travel inspiration through my unique photo journals, videos, and 360 media!

I hope you find the information here useful and thanks again for visiting!


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